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The Ultimate Guide For How To Hire A Comedian For Any Event [Infographic]

Hello. My name is Jason Douglas. I’m a comedian and operate with my business partners one of the largest comedian booking agencies in the United States. We’re here to help you and your company when you need to hire a comedian. Below are some of the things every customer needs to know before they book a comedian.

Tips For Hiring A Comedian For A Private Event

1) Let the booking agent know what type of event you are planning. Obviously the right comedian for a church event would be very different than a comedian for a bachelor party.   2) Decide where you want the content rating of your comedian to be at. We generally break the comedians into three categories - 1) Clean comedians 2) Middle of the road comedians (these comedians will have an act similar in content to a PG-13 rated movie) 3) Comedy club rated comedians (these comedians will have an act similar to a mild R rated movie).   3) How long of a performance do you need? A good headliner comedian can easily do a 60 minute show. For a corporate event that generally is what the clients request. Keep in mind you want a great show not a long one! In a comedy club you’ll see a line up with two or three comedians that last 90-100 minutes. This is best for a fundraiser or comedy night in a nightclub or bar.   4) What does the company you’re working with specialize in? As a national comedian booking agency we cover everything! We have a national database of over 1,500 of the best stand up comedians. We have Christian comedians, corporate comedians, nightclub comedians, comedians for roasts, comedians who specialize in custom writing jokes for events, and more!   5) Where is the agent you’re working with located? Most small time agents work within roughly a 50 mile radius of their office.   Not us. We cover the entire U.S. and parts of Canada. We have two physical offices (metro Detroit and New York City) and two sales agents in Los Angeles and Chicago.   6) How can I be assured I’m getting the best price? We have you covered. Because we book more shows than anyone we have buying power. If a comedian has 3-4 bookings with us in a week they’re going to be more willing to come in a lower price than if they only had 1 show. It’s simple economics. The more events we book the more savings we can pass on to the customer!   7) References? Make sure anyone you work with shows you videos of available comedians and references. We’ve worked with over 50 Fortune 500 companies to supply comedians for their corporate events. We’ve booked over 10,000 performances in the last decade! Corporate events, private parties, church groups, fundraisers, clubs, and more!   8) Our agents include myself, Bill Green, Jenni Crane, and Roger Paul. Our staff is dedicated to making your event a huge success! We’re in the laughter business and love every minute of it!! Let us help you take the worry and stress out of hiring entertainment. We sincerely hope that you find the right comedian for your event. Knowing what you need out of a comedian as far as time slot, the “rating” as far as language and theme, as well as budget all help us find comedians that are available and would fit your needs.

The Ultimate Guide For How To Hire A Comedian For Any Event [Infographic] Find more on: the comedian agency’s blog

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Planning a Work Christmas Party? What to Know When Hiring a Comedian

  There are many common sense points to consider when hiring a comedian for an office or organization Christmas party. In fact, it is easy and convenient to book a comedian based on this type of entertainment is trending online with lots of options available. At the same time, there is a wide range of funny men and women on offer for all types of parties and events. For instance, there are even Christian comedians and others that dub themselves as “clean comedians.”

Christmas Party Comedian Tips for Hiring

A comedian’s reputation matters. Another aspect of choosing a comic is linked to the comedian’s reputation and “style” when it comes to featuring jokes and other material that may not be fit for all people in one’s audience. This is a vital aspect when look for comedian that make or break an event. For example, the last thing in the world one wants to do is to offend people attending a social gathering during the holiday season. However, this conflict with comedians who upset and even offend people is an issue that will simply not go away.

Choosing a comic for holiday fun

  At the end of the day, the reason why party organizers decide to hire a comedian is to have fun; while entertaining party goers with jokes that are suited for the event’s audience. While this may sound simple, via good common sense dictates the hiring of only politically correct comedians, there are often conflicts in the hiring process because organizers may have different views about what type of comedian to hire. If you wanted to know how to hire a comedian then we can surely help you!   The points to think about when choosing a comic include:   - Is the fee for hiring a comedian within the entertainment budget of a group?   - What is known about the comic? Can the party organizers view a tape of the comedian at work, or review testimonials from people who have been entertained by this guest speaker.   - Will the comic also serve as a master of ceremonies or will the comic have dual roles during the party or special event? This is important because organizers do not want their entertainment selection to be at cross purposes via will the comic just deliver jokes nor will he or she have other roles to play during the event?   In general, there are lots of things to consider when hiring a comic for an event that features a holiday theme or is open to the public including family, friends and work mates.  

Comedians entertain and inform

  At the end of the day, there are many types of comics available for parties and other big events. The comic performing at a holiday party, for example, is aware that his or her job is to be “G-rated” so not to offend anyone with sexual, racial or religious jokes. After all, the goal for such an event is for all guests to have a good time and have a laugh. The last thing organizers would want is the party to go bust because the hired comedian upset guests with material that offends people for various reasons.   Overall, there has never been a better time to choose a comic for a holiday party or special event because everyone likes a good laugh.  

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Monday, 24 October 2016

What You Need to Know When Hiring a Comedian

Are you planning for a private party and you need to hire comedians? Hiring the right Comedian for your event can at times be tricky. You need to figure out exactly what you need for your event. The right comedian will liven up any party or event. Everybody loves fun and good memories, so hiring a comedian will make your event one of a kind. Consider the following:  

Choosing a comic

The first crucial thing is to know who will be attending the party. Consider the sex, age and also the humor of your guest. Although most comedians can handle all ages and genders, it will be effective to hire a comedian whose jokes will resonate with your attendants. Before settling on a certain comedian just watch their videos clip and find out if they are funny enough. If the clips make you laugh then, you have accomplished the first step.  


After identifying a comedian, go to their page and find out how their performance schedule. Does the comedian work all days of the week? And if they are available on the day you need them. In the page, you will gather a lot of information about the comedian in question. Happy customers always return, keenly find if there are any reviews from previous customers. If a comedian has a good reputation, satisfied clients will have their reviews and ratings published.  


The location of the comedian is crucial. Will he show up on time at your event or will he really make it? You don’t want to be anxious on your great day worrying if the comedian will make it. Find out his location and how comfortable he is moving to perform in a different place. Also, most comedians will add extra charges and their traveling allowances.  

Price and charges

You never want to overlook any charges. Various comedians have different costs for different events.. The amount of time the comedian will spend at your event is paramount to them and may increase the price rate. You don’t want to dig deeper than you planned for in the event. Find out on the charges and agree to them. However keep in mind that a comedian who is incredibly awesome will definitely be getting a good paycheck for their work. The skill and experience will cost you as well. As the Holidays come upon us, when you are looking to hire a comedian for a Christmas Party, you should start looking sooner than later. The great comedians typically have repeat gigs every year, so start your search around September.  

Sound equipment

After you book a comedian, you will need sound equipment in the room. The equipment will allow everyone in the chamber to hear the jokes. You may require an Amp, microphone and such like. If it’s a private party in a hall or a hotel, discuss with the owner of the building to avoid interruptions. Most professional comedians for hire will have great ideas tailored for your party especially if they are private party comedians   Last but not least, let your comedian have the contract and invoice tabled to you before the event. The invoice should include content rating, fees, dates, time and venue. The few facts will help you find a comedian who will be excellent for your event.  

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard- Request A Clean Comedian For Your Next Christmas Party

Don’t be like these guys in the image above. They were straight up petrified when the comedian they hired for their corporate party started swearing.  Make sure you plan ahead for your event and schedule a comedian that suits the audience. With the Christmas holidays approaching sooner than you think, it is never too early to think about including an entertainment component in your get-together or party plans for the holidays. With the mad rush to find the perfect gift for everyone, time can slip away, and before you know it, Christmas has arrived and there is little to no time to plan for more involved holiday undertakings, such as parties.   When planning for any kind of holiday party, whether you are inviting a large or small group of close friends, family or business associates to your gathering, you might want to center your plans along the lines of a wholesome yet whimsical evening of fun that is filled with Christmas warmth, cheer and an infusion of humor.   If you do decide to include a comedic entertainer with your party plans, check out local talent agencies or comedian centered entertainment agencies for their availability and costs. If you want to hire a comedian, you could easily book a comedian ahead of time and possibly give him or her sufficient input as to what kind of group you are hosting and the brand of humor that you would like to see used with the party goers you are hosting.   Other sources of comedic entertainment could be acquired and booked through a Christian entertainment agency, a community church, or fellowship group, which just may have a budding or seasoned Christian comedian among its ranks who would be happy to accommodate your holiday entertainment needs as well. He or she would most likely provide a wholesome repertoire of quips, jokes and humorous stories centered on Christmas and the New Year that would be pleasing to your guests.   Hosting an office holiday party would be the perfect opportunity to entertain your guests with a corporate comedian. Your business associates would appreciate a break from the pressures and tensions of the office scene, and everyone involved could gain some relief with a “fun for everyone” segment of your get-together. Laughter is the best medicine for a respite from the daily work routine, and a humorous segment interjected into a business-centered holiday party scene is the perfect answer.   There are a number of comedic choices for corporate party events that could include stand up comedians, improvisational shows, comedic magicians and ventriloquists, musical comedy and a host of other comedic entertainment choices that offer good clean fun for everyone involved.   Comedic relief can do wonders for almost any kind of party or holiday event, so don’t get caught off guard this season scrambling around at the last minute for clean comedians that can bring joy and an uplifting mood to a holiday party. With the number of comedy services available through the internet, local talent agencies and community outlets, there is no shortage of possibilities.   Your Christmas party can be more than successful as well as fun with the right kind of entertainment that is respectable yet has the appropriate humorous edge to bring out Christmas fun and spirit in you and your guests. So, when you are ready to commit to the entertainment segment of your party, be sure to request a clean comedian for your next Christmas party.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Are Clean Comedians Still Funny?

In this day and age, it seems like all the movies that are considered comedy are typically rated R. This means it is likely to have inappropriate jokes, foul language, and probably has full nudity throughout. It is almost like you can’t have comedy without the dirty and inappropriate behavior. So this raises the question, can clean comedians also be funny? Maybe it’s because a more inappropriate comedian is considered “adult” and a clean comedian is considered more juvenile, or maybe it’s how society is changing, but it seems like dirtier comedy is more preferred. Perhaps it’s easier to make a crowd laugh when you throw in some foul language or inappropriate jokes. But does that make clean comedy less funny? If you were to book a comedian for a gig would you choose a dirty comedian over a clean one? These days, TV and movies aren’t looking for clean. 30 years ago, clean comedy was much more common. In fact, to be on TV or in movies back then, you had to be clean. However, now can you be inappropriate and not have to be so concerned if your comedy is suitable for the whole family. This may have been what caused the shift from clean to dirty in society. It’s easy to take a clean joke and throw some bad words in it, and have it still be funny. On the other hand, if you take the bad words out of a dirty joke, it causes the joke to lose its “funny”. In other words, it’s easier to go from to clean to dirty than it is dirty to clean. The fact is, there are some very popular comedians who keep it clean. Jerry Seinfeld, a very famous comedian and actor, is known for keeping it clean when doing stand up. Another comedian known for staying clean on stage is the very famous Jeff Foxworthy, who is well known for his Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Another member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour that sticks to clean comedy is Bill Engvall. There are many other well known comedians who are considered clean as well. With there being so many well known names that do clean comedy, it shows that there is still an audience for it. Another way to tell that clean comedy is far from being out is by looking at recent box office hits. While there are plenty of dirty R-rated movies, there are just as many clean family movies that have hit theaters and are doing just fine. Movies such as “Finding Dory” and “The Secret Life of Pets” are both box office hits. It’s clear that the cartoon movies do well with drawing a crowd. Of course lots of children enjoy going to the animated movies, they find clean comedy funny, but what about adults? Surely not all adults get a kick out of those cute animated movies. Believe it or not, there are clean PG-13 rated movies that are intended for adults, one of them being “Central Intelligence”. This was another box office hit that had clean language. The reason it was rated PG-13 was for bloodless violence and a scene with rear-male-nudity. When it comes down to it, the ultimate deciding factor in determining if clean comedy is still funny is whether it makes you laugh or not. Everyone has their own opinion on what is or isn’t funny. Some prefer dirty comedy and others want to stick with clean comedy, but a great clean-cut comedian is going to make everyone in the room laugh. If you’re looking to hire a comedian, you might personally want one who uses foul language and talks about offensive subjects, but that might not go over so well with other people at an event you’re running. Regardless of preferences, the facts all point to clean comedy still being funny and certainly isn’t something you need to avoid.

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